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James 2:8-11 – “Offenders In One Point Declared Guilty”

Oct 22, 2012, Author: Pastor Eastwood

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James 2 8-11 -The Holy Spirit, through James, in this passage confronts and
overthrows the well-worn wisdom of man, beloved of this world: works
righteousness. In the great judgment day of the Lord there shall not be
weighing of good works versus bad but rather a searching for perfection:
for if any man woman or child offend the white-hot holiness of God in
just one point they are accused and found guilty by the law of being a
lawbreaker, worthy of death. Christian, this applies not only to the
lost. In fact, the primary recipients of this passage are the beloved
brethren, the saints of God. Our service is evaluated in just the same
manner: is it perfect before the Lord, are our hearts perfect,
unspotted, is our love for the Lord with our whole mind, soul, spirit
and strength? James calls us to evaluate our lives not as a series of
good things we do for the Lord as compared to a number of things that
are not perfect before Him to come an overall standing or ranking before
Him but rather to seek out any offence against Him and repent confessing
it to Him. Lest we remain before Him an offender, a lawbreaker, unfit
for his use and unworthy of His well done.