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Job 33:1-2 – “Our God Is Greater”

Oct 22, 2012, Author: Pastor Little

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Job 33 1-12 – “Our God is Greater” - Job has been looking for an answer all along throughout this book to this question – “Why?” Why has this happened – Why will God not answer me – What have I done to deserve this? In Job 33, Elihu answers Job with this simple statement – “because God is greater than man.” In other words; The Almighty, all-powerful one far exceeds weak feeble man and does not need to explain his ways. God does not need to give account for His actions. In this sermon we will take a look at two “greater thans” that are found in the Word of God. 1. God is greater than man in both wisdom and love, and, 2. God is greater than our adversary – the devil. This was the answer that Job needed and it still applies to you and I today.