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Sermon Series In James: Pastor Jeremy Eastwood

Sermon Series in James:

James (Summary) – The Final Application and Invitation of James’ Great Sermon
James 5:19-20 The Church’s Collective Responsibility for One Another Part II
James 5:19-20 – The Church’s Collective Responsibility for One Another Part I
James 5:16-18 – Availing Prayer Available to All Saints
James 5:16 – Hypocrisy Conquered by Honest Communication of Failings
James 5:14-15 – Instruction For Integrity in Seasons of Sickness
James 5:13 – Praying in Affliction and Praising in Pleasantness
James 5:12-16 – Hypocrisy Conquered by Integrity of Response to Life’s Various Seasons
James 5:12 – The Most Important Instruction – Above All Avoid Hypocrisy
James 5:10-11 – Patiently Enduring to a Certain Glorious End
James 5:9 – Relationships in the Body of Christ in Light of His Soon Return
James 5:7-8 – Patiently Awating the Master’s Sure Return
James 5:4-6 – The Multiple Miseries of the Rich Part II
James 5:1-3 – The Multiple Miseries of the Rich
James 4:16-17 – Anything Short of Total Submission is Sin
James 4:13-15 – Not My Will But Thine Be Done
James 4:12 – Judgement Belongs to the Lord Alone Part II
James 4 11-12 – Judgement Belongs to the Lord Alone
James 4:9-10 – Lowly Humility the Only Path to Lofty Exaltation
James 4:8 – Drawing Nigh to Our Good and Gracious God
James 4:7 – The Two Duties of a Good Soldier
James 4:6-7 – Necessary Grace Only Available Through Submissive Humility
James 4:5-6a – The Jealous Love of Our Gracious God
James 4:4 – Spiritual Adultery the Root Cause of all Conflict
James 4:2-3 – Prayer Avoided or Abused by Self Worshipers
James 4:1 – Our Lusts: The Cause and Origin of All Conflict
James 3:18 – Righteousness: The Result of Godly Teaching
James 3:17c – True Sheep Recognize the Voice of the Shepherd
James 3:17b – Divine Wisdom Desires Peace
James 3:17a – Purity – The Primary Feature of Divine Wisdom
James 3:16 – The Final Condition of the Church Under False Teaching
James 3:15 – False Teachers Employ Wisdom That Is Earthly, Sensual, Devilish
James 3:14 – False Teachers: Using God and His Word as a Means of Self-glorification
James 3:13 – Who Should Teach in the Church? The True Character of a Called Teacher
James 3:9-12 – The Tongue That Curses Men and Blesses God: Unnatural and Impossible
James 3:7-8 – The Tongue: A Dangerous and Deadly Poison
James 3:6 – The Tongue: The Fire and Flame of Hell
James 3:3-5 – Considering the Tongue: The Mighty Influence of Little Things
James 3:1-2 – Teachers Subject to Great Judgment in the Great Day of the Lord
James 2:21-24 – The Caution of Dead Faith: Yet Dead in Sin
James 2:14-20 – A Workless Faith: A Worthless Faith
James 2:13 – Mercy Triumphant in Judgement
James 2:12 – Living in Light of Judgement
James 2:8-11 – Offenders in One Point Considered Guilty
James 2:5-8 – Four Arguments for Impartiality – Part II
James 2:1-4 – Four Arguments for Impartiality – Part I
James 2:1-3 – A Respecter of Persons
James 1:26-27 – Religion as an Idol
James 1:23-25 – The Proper Use of the Mirror
James 1:17-22 – Doers and Not Just Hearers