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Sermon Series in Joel – Pastor Eastwood

Sermon Series in Joel

Joel 1-3 A Summation – True Hearing: Understanding and Obeying the Word of the Lord
Joel 3:17-21 – The Perpetual Blessing of God’s People Israel
Joel 3:9-16 – Jehovah the Judge Summons the Nations to Execute His Judgment
Joel 3:1-8 – Jehovah the Judge Reads Out His Charges Against the Nations
Joel 2:30-32 – Deliverance from the Great and Terrible Day of the Lord
Joel 2:27-29 – The Sweetest Promise of God – His Presence
Joel 2:19-26 – Praise In Response to the Wondrous Dealing of God
Joel 2:18 – The Twofold Response of God to True Repentance: Jealousy and Pity
Joel 2:15-17 – Prescription for Prayer that Prevails
Joel 2:13-14 – Conditions for the Blessing of God
Joel 2:13b – True Repentance Encouraged by the Glorious Grace of God
Joel 2:12-13a – Repentance the Only Means of Escaping God’s Judgment
Joel 2 7-11 – The Characteristics of God’s Judgment Part II
Joel 2:1-6 – The Characteristics of God’s Judgment Part I
Joel 1:15-20 – Repentance: The Only Proper Response to Judgement
Joel 1:13-14 – Instruction to the Ministers of God in Calamity and Distress
Joel 1:10-12 – Sounding a Warning to Pursuers of Riches
Joel 1:5-8 – Sounding a Warning to Pursuers of Pleasure
Introduction to Joel